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Lunch 11.30 - 2.30
Dinner 5pm - Late
Sunday Dinner Only
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288 Queen Street, Richmond

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Welcome to Poppy Thai, Richmond

Poppy Thai has been serving exceptional Thai food in New Zealand for over 20 years, opening its doors in Nelson in 1998. The authentic Thai food and ambience of Poppy Thai proved to be very successful resulting in Poppy Thai opening its Richmond restaurant in 2013.

Poppy Thai Richmond is a family owned and operated restaurant run by Pobsak and Angie. Pobsak has over 20 years experience cooking authentic and delicious Thai food which he learned from his family from an early age.

Whether it's for lunch, dinner or just for drinks, you can be assured the warm welcome you will receive with exceptional service. All dishes are made to order using fresh seasonal vegetables which are ordered daily, sauces are also prepared daily on site. Poppy Thai Richmond dishes range from mild, hot or extra hot, just ask your wait staff for your preference.

Poppy Thai Richmond thrives to provide you with the best Thai food and service and look forward to seeing you at 288 Queen Street. Like and follow their facebook page to keep up with the weekly specials.

Open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday 11.30 to 2.30, with dinner from 5pm. Open Sunday and Monday from 5pm.

Our Customers Say...

Lots of room inside. Tables are not crowded.
It's clean and tidy. The staff are very friendly and helpful with meals for kids.
Phillippa S.

Great food! Reminded me of my last holiday in Thailand
Christoph E.

Awesome service people and food. Highly recommend to anyone. Very nice setting in there too.
Josh B.

Generous sized meal. Friendly staff. Well priced.
Tony B.

Light Salads

T1. Ox Salad $16.50 
Grilled prime slices of beef tossed in fresh mint leaves, strips of red onion, spring onion, and pan fried rice powder then garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

T2. Yum Talay $17.50 
A unique and traditional combination or prawns, squid, mussels and scallops lightly infused with lemon juice, onion, spring onions and fresh coriander leaves with a hint of spices from northern Thailand.

T3. Larb Gai $18.00 
Thailand's most traditional diced chicken breast salad seasoned with Poppy Thais' crushed chillies, unique combination of southern Thailand herbs, pieces of red tomato, onions, lemon juice and spring onions.


S1. Tom Yum 
A mildly spiced broth, infused with lemon grass, galanga, tamarind and ginger, the most famous of Poppy Thai's soups, Chicken $10, King Prawns $13, Seafood $12

S2. Tom Kar
A mildly spiced sour and aromatic traditional coconut soup seasoned with some of the best herbs East Asia has to offer, Chicken $10.50, King Prawns $13.50, Seafood $12.50


N1. Moo Dang $16 
Stir fried egg noodles with our home made honey pork and fresh seasonal vegetables.

N2. Pad See Eiw 
Flat white rice noodles stir fried in our combination of herbs, fresh seasonal vegetables and soy sauce, one of our favourite Asian dishes with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Vegetarian $16.50, King Prawns $21, Seafood $19.

N3. Basil Noodles
White rice noodles stir fried with seasonal vegetables, chilli, fresh basil and our home inspired spicy paste with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Vegetarian $16.50, King Prawn $21, Seafood $19.

N4. Pad Thai 
Traditional Thai style stir fried rice noodles with fresh seasonal vegetables, garnished with lemon, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions, and crushed chilli on the side with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Vegetarian $17, King Prawn $21, Seafood $19.


C1. Kaeng Ped Deang 
Poppy Thais' sublte blend of one of Thailand's true curries combined with fresh seasonal vegetables with either Chicken or Vegetarian $17 or King Prawns $21.

C2. Hor Mok
Thailand's most elegant seafood dish exploding with flavour and traditional infused tightly with fresh seasonal vegetables and garden fresh lime leaves with your choice of Fish, Seafood $19 or King Prawns $22

C3. Green Curry - $17.50
Poppy Thais' most eye appealing and taste bud tingling curries on offer infused with Thai herbs and spices then simmered with fresh seasonal vegetables and coconut milk with your choice of Chicken, Pork or Vegetarian.

C4. Little Lamb $22 
Not so little pieces of lamb cubes, British Isle potatoes and roasted peanuts enriched with coconut milk and our infused curry style sauce.

C5. Kaeng Pra 
Thai country style curry simmered the traditional way with no coconut milk, slices of onion, cauliflower, baby corn, green beans, pumpkin, bamboo strips and our secret combination of country style herbs with your choice of Chicken, Vegetarian $17.50, Seafood $19 or King Prawns $21.

C6. Kaeng Penang
Traditional thick curry from Southern Thailand with alluring combination of fresh seasonal vegetables, garden fresh lime leaves and coconut milk simmered with your choice of Chicken Beef, Vegetarian $18 or Seafood $19.

C7. Fire Dragon $26
Roasted duck thigh, simmered in red curry, a hint of coconut and fresh seasonal vegetables, our more experienced  Poppy Thai taste.


F1. Days Catch $27 
Fresh fish of the day caught by our chef from the seafood market, pan fried then simmered in Poppy Thai's homemade yellow curry or our creation of sweet and sour sauce.

F2. Crouching Tiger $30
Grilled King Prawns, served with our secret sauce.

F3. Pad Ped Talay $25
Flame fried king prawns, mussels, squid and scallop with fresh seasonal vegetables and our enhanced and curry style sauce.

F4. Choo Chee Goong $27
Flame fried King Prawns in our Penang curry sauce with coconut milk and fresh seasonal vegetables.

F5. Drunken King $28
Flame fried King Prawns half shelled, then cooked in a whisky based sauce with fresh seasonal vegetables, creating a unique Poppy Thai taste.

F6. kra-ti-em $27
Flame fried garlic King Prawns with mushrooms, spring onions and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Specialty Mains

M1. Kao Phad
Our most popular fried rice dish. Delicious aromatic jasmine rice and fresh seasonal vegetables with Chicken, Beef or Honey Pork $16, Seafood $17 or King Prawns $19. Choose traditional or spicy.

M2. Pad Priew Wan
Poppy Thais' sweet and sour sauce home made to perfection then stir fried with fresh seasonal vegetables with Chicken, Pork Beef, Vegetarian or Honey Pork $16.50.

M3. Pad Ped Nor Mai
Stir fried bamboo shoots with fresh sliced peppers in our red curry sauce with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian $16.50, Seafood $19 or King Prawns $21.

M4. Flaming Cashews
Stir fried cashew nuts and fresh seasonal vegetables in our chefs famous sauce with Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian $18, King Prawns $21 or seafood $19.

M5. Pad Bia Kra- Praow
Fresh Basil stir fried in our assortment of herbs, chilli and fresh seasonal vegetables with Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian $18, Kig Prawns $21 or Seafood $19.

M6. Pad King
Stir fired ginger strips wok fried with mushrooms and fresh seasonal vegetables with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Vegetarian $18.50, King Prawns $22 or Seafood $20.

M7. Pad Puk Satay
Poppy Thais' freshly made peanut sauce stir fried with an assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables, our customers favourite with your choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Vegetarian $17, King Prawns $21 or Seafood $19.


E1. Summer Rolls $7.50
Flash fried mini pork spring rolls with vermicelli and strips of seasonal vegetables, served with our sweet sauce.

E2. Poh Pieh Puck $7
Eight vegetarian spring rolls with vermicelli and vegetables, served with sweet sauce. 

E3. Gai Satay $7.50
Grilled lightly marinated chicken skewers served with Poppy Thai's renowned peanut sauce.

E4. Curry Phab (Curry Puff) $8.50
Stir fried potatoes, kumara, chicken and vegetables with a sprinkle of curry powder, deep fried inside a Thai pastry served with sweet sauce.

E5. Gai Thod $7.50
Five flash fried marinated chicken wings, served with sweet Thai sauce.

E6. Emperors Pouch $8.50
Crispy pouches of wontons filled with pork, thinly minced prawns and vegetables.

E7. Pigs Can Fly $8.50
Baby sized pork spare ribs marinated over night in our signature homemade sauce for a strong infused taste then grilled to perfection to enhance our combination of herbs.

E10. Thod Manh Pla $8.50
Five traditionally flash fried spicy fish cakes, served with our sweet sauce.

Mixed Entree - for four $30 ($7.50 for each additional person)
Spring rolls - minced pork or vegetarian (8 rolls), Chicken kebabs (4 sticks), Pork Spare Ribs (4 ribs), Chicken wings (4 wings), Squid Rings (4 pieces)

Mixed Entree - for two $15


Jasmine Rice $2.00

Roti (great with curries) $2.50

Cashew Nuts $3.50

Peanut Sauce $3.00

Side Salad $5.50

Fried Egg Noodles $6.00

Fried Rice $6.00 

Kids Menu 

All $12.50 with Free Dessert

#1 Fried Rice
Chicken stir fried jasmine rice with seasonal vegetables.

#2 Fried Egg Noodles
Stir fried egg noodles with seasonal vegetables and our home made honey pork.

#3 Garlic Prawn
Fied Garlic Prawn served with broccoli, carrot and steamed rice.

#4 Magic Omelette
With minced pork slow cooked in wok served with steamed rice.

#5 Yummy Pork Spare Ribs
Cooked in oven served with steamed rice and salad.

Desserts - Ice cream Sundae, Chocolate or Vanilla.